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You'll find stories, tools, and a whole range of actions you can take that will cut down energy-related greenhouse gas emissions - and benefit our climate, your wellbeing, and your pocket. Just choose where you want to take action.

Carbon emissions and your carbon footprint

Climate change is caused by greenhouse gas emissions. Together, we can take action to reduce emissions by making changes in our everyday lives and the way we do business.

Understanding your carbon footprint is a great place to start — it's made up of everyday choices like how you get around, what you eat, and how much energy you use. The fewer emissions, the smaller your footprint.

You can cut down your footprint by taking actions like swapping the car for a bus or bike one day a week, switching your lightbulbs to LEDs, or shopping carefully, to avoid waste. It all makes a difference.

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Our latest campaigns

Will we be on the right side of history?

History doesn't remember what you thought. It remembers what you did.

There has never been a more crucial time for us all to mitigate climate change and shape the lives of future generations. Our latest campaign calls on all New Zealanders to take positive climate actions that reduce our energy use and get on the right side of history.

Open for climate friendly business

Tap into the 3 million Kiwis seeking business on the #RightSideNZ.

Businesses account for about 40% of our energy-related emissions — and our research shows that 82% of New Zealand consumers want businesses to do more to reduce their environmental impact. Our latest campaign is about encouraging Kiwi businesses to be more climate-friendly.