Welcome to Gen Less – the home of inspiring ideas to reduce energy-related greenhouse gas emissions.

You’ll find loads of actions you can make that are better for our climate, your wellbeing and your pocket. Choose whatever works best for you. When we all make small changes, big things happen.

Be inspired to take climate action. Live more with less energy.

Say no to wasted energy

Flip the usual way you think about climate change: climate action doesn’t need to be another burden to carry - in fact, it can be liberating and positive.

The Power of No

We’re empowering Kiwis to get rid of the stuff on the bottom of their to-do lists. Instead of wasting energy on things and stuff we don’t really want or need, we can give ourselves, and the planet, a breather.

Where will you start your climate change action?

  • Living

    Living Gen Less means you can focus energy on the things that really matter. Find ways to make a warm and efficient home that saves energy and power bills, and make climate-friendly choices about what you buy, eat and do.


  • Moving

    Choosing a lower-emissions transport option is one of the best ways to care for our climate. There’s no pressure to change everything all at once. Check out these options and switch it up one trip at a time.


  • Running a business

    Join thousands of New Zealand companies making a proactive commitment to use less energy. You’ll save costs as well as emissions, and get ahead of the curve to meet growing demand for climate-conscious products and services.

    Running a business

Stories & updates

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  • An EV is going to go faster than we’ve ever gone before

    12 November 2020

    Kiwi champion rally driver Hayden Paddon has launched a world-first electric rally car, from his Cromwell workshop.
    Photo: Graeme Murray

    • Low emission transport
    • Electric vehicles
  • The perfect everyday car

    13 November 2020

    We caught up with Wellingtonian Natalia to find out about her experience with an EV.

    • Low emission transport
    • Electric vehicles
  • Say no to sitting in traffic

    25 October 2020

    Between commuting, taxiing the kids around and running endless errands, it can feel like your car is a second home. But it doesn't have to be.