CEP training courses

CEP works with EECA to improve energy and carbon management knowledge and standards in New Zealand.

Carbon and Energy Professionals New Zealand (CEP)

Delivering specialist practitioner energy management training and professional development, CEP works with organisations across a range of technologies and disciplines to target areas where significant improvements in energy efficiency and carbon reduction can be made.

The webinar series "Using less, paying less" was recently produced by CEP in association with Gen Less and is freely available on EECA's Youtube channel.

New webinar series

In a continued effort to support climate change mitigation and adaptation in the Pacific Islands region, the European Union and the New Zealand's Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade jointly invite you to a series of webinars bringing financiers, private sector players and public authorities together to discuss investment opportunities in renewable energy, energy efficiency and smart mobility.

The webinars are hosted by the Carbon and Energy Professionals (CEP), a New Zealand-based association of energy efficiency and carbon reduction professionals, and the Pacific Centre for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency (PCREEE), a regional centre of excellence to promote sustainable energy investments, markets, industrial development and innovation in Pacific Island Countries, supported by GET.invest in partnership with ElectriFI, the Regional Pacific NDC Hub, SPC, GGGI and GIZ.

All webinars are free of charge.


Webinar 2: Accelerating Investment in Renewables, Energy Efficiency & Smart Mobility in the Pacific Islands - Energy Efficiency
Date: Tuesday, 22 September 2020 Start 5pm (NZST)
Duration: 95 mins

This webinar delves into energy efficiency, with a special focus on ESCOs and opportunities, notably in the commercial and industrial sector. The NDC Hub/GGGI will showcase the status of their efforts to build a pipeline of investments. Private sector players from the region will share their perspectives on energy efficiency business models and experiences implementing ESCO models. ElectriFI will present their investment strategy. The webinar will close with a Q&A and an introduction to ‘Meet the Advisor’.

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Webinar 3: Accelerating Investment in Renewables, Energy Efficiency & Smart Mobility in the Pacific Islands - Smart Mobility
Date: Tuesday, 29 September 2020 Start 5pm (NZST)
Duration: 95 minutes
This webinar covers smart mobility, including e-mobility and other measures. PCREEE will showcase key results of a study on e-mobility in the region, while private sector players will share their experiences so far. Regional players will highlight available support instruments. The webinar will close with a Q&A.

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Webinar:  Insights into Energy Performance Contracting
Date: Monday, 12 October 2020 Start 4pm (NZST)
Duration: 60 mins
Join Dr Amir Tadros (Sydney) and Kok Chong Leow (Singapore) of Siemens to hear about the ins and outs of energy performance contracting and Energy as a Service agreements.
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