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EV Shout Outs

Introducing EV Shout Outs

EV Shout Outs is a new project from Gen Less.

It’s an opportunity for New Zealand companies to have their use of electric vehicles (EVs) heroed.

We've reserved prime advertising spaces in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch, and will be using them to ‘Shout Out’ a selection of companies in NZ that are talking about their EV use on social media, using the hashtag #GenLessEVs.

See below for more details – and if your workplace has EVs, why not talk to your team now about getting involved!

Why talk about EVs?

New Zealand is on a mission to reach net zero greenhouse gas emissions. It’s game on!

Electrifying road transport is one of the key ways we can reduce our emissions. So many great New Zealand companies are already using EVs as part of their business, and also looking to expand their EV fleets.

However, unless we talk about EVs regularly on social media and in the news, people may not realise the positive impact they’re having.

Talking about EVs celebrates them. It normalises the idea of them in business, and shows leadership by inspiring others. Ultimately, a growing electric fleet will help meet New Zealand’s climate change commitments.

A great chance to get high-profile exposure for your business

We have reserved prime advertising spaces for ‘Shouting Out’ a selection of companies in NZ that are talking about their EV use on social media, using the hashtag #GenLessEVs. The exposure available includes:

  • High profile digital billboards, in high-traffic areas at key entry points in and out of the Auckland CBD
  • Great billboard spaces also in Wellington and Christchurch
  • Broad-scale online banners and social media advertising.

So many reasons to get involved

  • If you’re selected, we will feature your company logo in one or more ‘EV Shout Out’ ads, covering the costs of the billboard or online banner, and providing high-level coverage for your company’s actions.
  • The campaign runs for four weeks to a big audience.
  • Join other leading New Zealand businesses showing leadership on EV use.
  • Show New Zealanders the collective action businesses are taking.
  • Encourage other businesses to electrify their fleets.

How you can get involved

The EV Shout Out is live from 2 – 29 March. To have a chance get your business on the EV Shout Out space, simply:

1. Post about your EV use

Post via any of your business’s public-facing social media channels about how your company is using EVs between now and 26 March (at the latest), using the hashtag #GenLessEVs.

We’re focusing on businesses who can demonstrate real world EV action in their posts.

You can post on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.

2. Tell us you’ve posted

Email a link of your post to us at

We’ll be in touch to make your ‘Shout Out’ ad, which could then appear in our campaign - see the example below.

If chosen, we’ll be in touch to make your ‘Shout Out’ ad, which will then appear in our campaign.

How easy is that!

Further details are set out in the terms and conditions. Please make sure you read and agree to the terms before participating in the campaign.

ev shout outs example ad

Posting ideas

Not sure what to post about EVs?

Download our free Guide to Gen Less EV Shout Outs for some ideas, and also FAQs about how it all works, including sign-off for the artwork, etc (it’s really easy and fast).

Thank you for leading the way with EV uptake in NZ.

If you have any questions, please email

We look forward to seeing your EV posts online very soon!