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Terms and conditions

EV Shout Out terms and conditions

  • Participation in the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority’s (EECA’s) ‘EV Shout Out’ campaign is governed by these terms and conditions. Participation in the campaign (through publishing a Qualifying Post as outlined below and providing a company logo to EECA for use in the campaign) is considered acceptance of these terms and conditions.
  • Participation in the campaign is open to companies in New Zealand who own, lease, or use electric vehicles (EVs) (such as EV car share) that are light passenger, light commercial and heavy EVs. For the purposes of this campaign:
    • An EV is either a battery electric vehicle (BEV or Pure EV) which is powered only by electrical energy stored in the battery and plugs into an external electricity source or a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) which is has two types of motors – an electric motor and battery that can be charged from an external power supply and an internal combustion engine fuelled by petrol or diesel.
    • A hybrid vehicle that does not plug in is not an EV.
    • The following companies may be selected to be included in the EV Shout Out campaign at EECA’s discretion: Companies who use other forms of electric transport such as boat, scooter, or E-bike, or who enable EV charging at their commercial address but who do not own, lease, or use EVs.
  • The campaign runs from 2 March 2020 to 29 March 2020 (Campaign Period).
  • To participate in this campaign and gain the chance to be featured in an EV Shout Out advertisement on a billboard, online banner, or EECA’s social media pages, a participating company must:
    • Post on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or LinkedIn (Social Media Platforms) between 5 February 2020 and 26 March 2020 about how the company is using EVs and use the hashtag #GenLessEVs (Qualifying Post).
    • Email a link to the Qualifying Post to
    • If requested by EECA, provide a high resolution version of the company’s logo to appear in the advertisements created by EECA as part of the campaign and evidence to substantiate the content of the Qualifying Post.
  • From the Qualifying Posts, EECA will select or decline to select participating companies to feature in EV Shout Out advertisements at its sole discretion . By posting a Qualifying Post, there is no guarantee that a participating company will be selected to be included in an EV Shout Out advertisement.
  • EV Shout Out advertisements will be prepared by EECA and published on certain billboards, online banners, and social media sites as selected and arranged by EECA. EECA may share and re-post a participating company’s Qualifying Post on EECA's own social media pages, websites, and other platforms.
  • EECA will endeavour to search all instances of the hashtag #GenLessEVs during the Campaign Period but is not responsible for any missed social media posts, nor for for any incorrectly labelled posts, or any technical delay or loss of data that occurs in the course of the administration of this campaign, however caused.
  • Participating companies must ensure that their posts comply with all relevant legislation, regulations, and guidelines (including the Fair Trading Act and Advertising Standards Code) and the terms of the relevant Social Media Platform. If a company is selected to be featured in an EV Shout Out advertisement (a Selected Company):
    • The Selected Company is responsible for obtaining all internal approvals necessary for its company name and logo to be featured on EECA's EV Shout Out advertisements.
    • An authorised representative of the Selected Company must confirm to EECA that the Selected Company would like to be featured in the EV Shout Out advertisements, and that all necessary internal approvals at the Selected Company have been obtained for the Selected Company’s participation.
    • The Selected Company agrees to provide EECA with all necessary and appropriate materials for EECA to administer the EV Shout Out advertisements including, for the avoidance of doubt, any and all trademarks, imagery, brand names, official logos, or other intellectual property of the Selected Company that is to be displayed in the EV Shout Out advertisement. By providing such materials to EECA, the Selected Company acknowledges and agrees that it is providing EECA with a non-exclusive license to exhibit, copy, use, and distribute such materials during the Campaign Period for the purposes of the campaign.
    • The Selected Company warrants that it owns the company logo and any other intellectual property provided to EECA for use in EECA's EV Shout Out advertisements and that the logo, and any other intellectual property provided, do not infringe the intellectual property rights of any other person or contain any material which:
      • includes anything that would hurt EECA’s reputation or subject EECA to public censure or ridicule, or that does not conform to accepted standards of public decency; or
      • is in breach of any contract, law, regulation, or code of practice, or infringes any intellectual property right of any person.
    • The Selected Company agrees to fully indemnify and hold EECA harmless against any loss, costs, demands, or claims suffered by or made against EECA which arise out of the Selected Company providing material to EECA for inclusion in the EV Shout Out advertisements that breaches any law (including without limitation, the Fair Trading Act) or intellectual property right.
  • Participating companies must comply with the terms and conditions of the relevant Social Media Platforms. This campaign is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with the Social Media Platforms. The Social Media Platforms have no liability in connection with this campaign.
  • Subject to any applicable law that cannot be excluded, EECA, and its employees and agents, will not be liable for any loss, damage, or injury by or to any person whatsoever (including but not limited to direct, indirect, or consequential loss or loss arising from negligence) arising directly or indirectly out of or in connection with this campaign.
  • EECA reserves the right to modifyor terminate the campaign, or remove an EV Shout Out advertisement, at any time.