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Use our database of qualified professionals to find an expert who can help you meet your carbon reduction and energy efficiency goals.

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Recognised programmes

Bioenergy Association of New Zealand (BANZ)

Bioenergy Association members have a wide range of expertise and experience in biogas, liquid biofuels and wood energy. Contact an expert via the website, or browse its extensive knowledge centre.

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Carbon and Energy Professionals New Zealand (CEP)

An industry body for energy efficiency and carbon reduction professionals. It runs training and accreditation programmes in carbon and energy management and can help you find a qualified expert for your energy- or carbon-related project.

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Green Star

An internationally-recognised tool to support the property and construction sectors to design, construct and operate projects in a more sustainable, efficient and productive way. It provides tenants with a trusted mark of independent verification to support decision-making.

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IES: The Lighting Society

Professional membership association committed to the art and science of lighting, and the education and promotion of lighting professionals. It can help you find a qualified expert to help with effective and energy-efficient business lighting.

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Institute of Refrigeration Heating & Air Conditioning Engineers of New Zealand (IRHACE)

IRHACE supports training and education in the industry and can help you find a qualified expert for your HVAC or refrigeration project.

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An independent tool to rate and improve the energy efficiency of New Zealand’s office buildings. A NABERSNZ certified star rating shows a building’s energy performance, creating value for anyone who designs, builds, lets or tenants an office building. Free feasibility assessments are available to owners and tenants.

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New Zealand Green Building Council

A not-for-profit industry organisation that aims to move the global property industry and built environment towards sustainability. It runs training and events, and the Green Star and NABERSNZ ratings programmes.

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Refrigerant License New Zealand (RLNZ)

Training and professional development for people in the HVAC&R industry. Check online that a refrigeration technician holds a valid RLNZ Approved Filler or Handler Certificate.

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Sustainable Business Council (SBC)

Mainstreams sustainability within the New Zealand business community. Members commit to reducing their greenhouse gas emissions and building sustainability into their purchasing decisions. Visit the website for reports, guides, commentaries and more.

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Sustainable Business Network (SBN)

A non-profit organisation empowering businesses to become more sustainable. Visit the website for useful tools and resources, plus access to webinars, courses, events and advice.

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Toitū Envirocare

Offers science-based tools, actions and evidence to help businesses make real progress toward achieving their climate action goals.

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