Transport accounts for nearly half of New Zealand's energy-related emissions, but six out of ten Kiwis don't know that their petrol or diesel car use is likely to be their single-biggest contributor to their carbon footprint.

We're encouraging Kiwis to consider climate-friendly modes of transport such as biking, scooting and walking when making trips under two kilometres. That's why we've launched the ShopPack - a New Zealand-first backpack-style reusable shopping bag to let you keep your hands free on the move.

Fill me up, not your car

Transport is our beautiful country's biggest carbon emitter. In fact, car trips under two kilometres, like popping to the shops, make up nearly 1/3 of our drives — an average of 12 per household per week.

We know moving around with a bag full of shopping isn't easy. That's why we launched the GenLess ShopPack. A 100% cotton, reusable shopping-bag-turned-backpack.

If every New Zealand household switched their car for a climate-friendly mode of transport for two trips every week (two kilometre average), we could save around 100,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions each year. That's roughly the average amount of carbon dioxide stored annually by 4800 hectares of pine trees (about twice the size of Rangitoto Island).

  • 48%

    of our energy-related emissions come from transport

  • 1/3

    of all car trips in NZ are under 2km

  • 1 billion

    short trips are made by Kiwis each year

Watch the clip on Seven Sharp

EECA's Jo Bye appeared on Seven Sharp to talk about why cutting short car trips is one of the most climate-positive things you could do.

The Seven Sharp team even ran their own experiment — making a short trip by car, scooter, bus and on foot. Spoiler alert — the car was slowest!

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