Changes you can make for free

  • Put ‘Live Gen Less’ at the top of your shopping list

    Our well-being improves when we focus less on material goals and values. So spending a little more time with whānau, friends or nature, and a little less on new things, can help us get more out of life overall.

    Living Gen Less

  • Plan your food, eat it all

    Putting food in your tum rather than the bin is an easy way to save the energy-related emissions of food production. Planning meals and storing food so it lasts longer could also save the average household $560 a year.

    Low carbon eating

  • Measure your carbon footprint

    How much greenhouse gas do you produce as you live your life? The average New Zealander’s carbon footprint is around 8.6 tonnes a year. Find out how you’re doing – and what you could do better – with a carbon footprint calculator.


  • Work from home one day a week

    If a fifth of New Zealanders who usually drive to work chose to work at home one day a week, we could easily save the same amount of carbon emissions as taking 35,000 cars off the road.

  • Speak up

    As a customer, voter, friend and active citizen, you’re worth listening to. Speaking out can have a significant ripple effect and lead to positive changes on a grand scale.

    Speak up

  • Check what your KiwiSaver does

    Nearly 3 million Kiwis have invested over $57 billion in KiwiSaver. Check that your share is contributing to the type of lower-energy future you want to see.

    Check and compare funds

  • Swap out one car trip a week

    Mix up car trips with other options like walking, biking, public transport or car share. A little planning will set you up for healthier, cheaper, lower emissions journeys.

    Choosing transport

  • Eat more plant-based foods

    Food that takes more steps to produce generally uses more energy and generates more carbon. Meat takes a lot of steps to produce – especially red meat. It’s a lot simpler to produce plants to feed yourself.

    Low carbon eating

Changes that cost a bit

  • Switch to LEDs

    LED light bulbs use up to 85% less electricity than traditional incandescent or halogen bulbs and can last 15 times longer. They cost around $3 to $10 each – so a bit more upfront but the long-term savings are worth it.

    LED lighting

  • Offset your emissions

    Emission offsetting services can calculate the emissions you produce, then help you fund projects that remove emissions from the atmosphere or prevent them in first place. Offsetting a domestic flight costs less than $5.

    Learn more

  • Choose better quality

    A better quality product should last longer and do a better job. If you don’t have to replace it, it saves another product being created – and all the emissions that go with it.

    Buy low carbon

Big changes worth investing in

  • Switch to an electric vehicle

    They’re zippy, quiet and low on pollution. Changing to transport fuelled by renewable electricity is one of New Zealand’s most effective ways to slash greenhouse gas emissions.

    Electric vehicles

  • Choose electricity rather than gas

    Time to upgrade your hot water system, heater or oven? Choose electricity as the cleanest energy option – at least 80% of New Zealand’s electricity is produced from renewable resources.

  • Build or renovate Gen Less style

    Wood looks amazing. Choose building products that are less energy intensive to produce where you can. Where the physical properties of steel and concrete aren’t required, use timber.

    LCAQuick tool to assess building design environmental impacts