Get amongst it

Inspire action at the top – tell leaders what’s important to you.

  • Vote

    Elections are your chance to have a say about who represents you on issues you care about. Research candidates and party views, then:

    Enrol to vote

  • Contact your MP

    Members of parliament (MPs) represent the views and concerns of New Zealanders. Contact your local MP – or meet them in person.

    Ways to contact an MP

  • Be an active consumer

    Businesses want to keep you happy. If you see a chance for them to reduce emissions – like using electric cars or switching off lights – let them know.

  • Sign a petition

    A simple, effective way to influence climate-related decisions and action. Most are online, so it’s easy to share on social media and encourage others to sign too.

    Start a petition

  • Use your local council

    Climate change is a priority for most councils. Tell them what action you want, from public transport to flood control. Comment on the annual plan, contact your local councillor or attend a meeting.

    Find your local council

  • Make a submission

    When climate change issues are to be considered by parliament, make a submission. If you agree with an organisation, you may be able to use its text or template.

    How to make a submission

  • Join engagement processes

    Local government and government agencies often seek feedback on their plans before making decisions. Organisations’ social media or newsletters will keep you in the loop.