Share the wins

Telling others what you’re doing differently feels good, and it’s one of the most important things you can do for climate change.

Chat, post, share – you’re an influencer

Your friends and whānau are much more likely to listen to you talk about ways to reduce emissions than a stranger on TV. So when you take steps to live Gen Less, tell them what you’re doing and why. Every chat has a ripple effect that inspires more conversations and actions. Small changes by many people add up to make a big difference.


The influence of each human being on others in this life is a kind of immortality.

(John Quincy Adams)
  • Post your pics

    Bike to work day? Meat-free Monday? Flight-free holiday? Show others how achievable climate action is by sharing it on social media.

  • Loop in businesses

    Brand reputation is important to organisations. Jump on their social media pages to cheer on low-emissions initiatives (or respectfully point out opportunities).

  • Use climate hashtags

    Build a global voice for lower emissions by using hashtags on public social media posts, like #carbonfriendly, #sustainability or #GenLess.

  • Share resources

    When you find cool climate-friendly events, ideas or websites, spread the word. Keep it positive – you don’t want to put people off.

  • Join our conversations

    Gen Less is on Instagram and Facebook – great places for sharing tips and ideas for a low carbon future.