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    Easy fixes

    Keep out the sun by shutting curtains and blinds. Open doors and windows in different rooms to move air through your home. Fit security latches to leave windows open while you’re out.
  2. 2

    Create shade outside your home

    Plant deciduous trees to shade your house in summer. They’ll let sun through when they lose their leaves in winter. Install external window shades - such as blinds, awnings or louvres. Eaves or roof overhangs above north-facing windows block summer sun.
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    Use fans

    Table-top, floor and ceiling fans use a lot less energy than air conditioning. If you have a heat pump, try the fan-only setting with your windows open.

Insulation keeps you cool

A well-insulated house stays cooler in summer, as well as warmer in winter.

We’re helping low-income home owners with the cost of ceiling and floor insulation.

Desperate for air con?

In sweaty weather try the dehumidifying mode – it uses less energy than full conditioning.

If it’s got to be full on cooling with an air conditioner or heat pump:

  • Cool one room – it’s what most are made to do
  • Shut doors and windows
  • Set the thermostat to around 24˚C – a lower setting won’t make it work faster
  • Don’t use ‘auto’ as it may switch to heating
  • Clean the filter with a vacuum cleaner or warm water every couple of weeks