Park the car

Get more value out of every km

  • Carpool for kids

    Organise a carpool to take kids to activities. It means more free time for you, and more chat time for your kids.

  • Choose a fuel efficient car

    You’ll have more to spend at your destination if it costs less to get there. Fuel efficient vehicles use less fuel per kilometre, which is better for your wallet and the environment.

    Fuel efficiency

  • Say no to sitting in traffic

    Every time you leave the house it’s a chance to switch up your travel. Share rides, take the bus, meet online or go on foot - it’s climate action that’s good for your health and wallet, too.

Offset your flight emissions

Balance out your flying emissions by funding programmes to remove or reduce their impact. Most airlines have a programme - you can opt in when you book your flight or choose a different emission offsetting service.

Drive smarter

Drive and maintain your car in a way that squeezes more out of every drop of fuel. It makes a difference no matter what car you drive.


Switch to an electric vehicle

Experience an EV

Get the buzz of an electric vehicle without the commitment of ownership. You could sign up to a car share – they operate in four main centres and charge by the hour –  hire an EV for a day-trip, or take a break in an electric campervan.

Buy an EV

There are so many reasons to buy an EV – starting with the fact they emit 80% less carbon than an equivalent petrol vehicle when being driven in New Zealand.