Fuel type

Electricity is the greenest fuel around

Smell that fresh, clean air? Battery-powered electric vehicles (BEVs) are the greenest option, with no tailpipe emissions and zero contribution to air pollution. It’s easy to fill up with Kiwi-made electricity at home or while on the road. Keep running costs super-low by charging at home, off-peak, when electricity is cheapest and cleanest.

A hybrid is a great lower-carbon option

Hybrid cars are more fuel efficient than a comparable petrol car, and produce fewer carbon emissions. They use petrol or diesel to power a combustion engine, which works in combination with a battery or on-board electric motor. The battery is charged by the combustion engine, and energy is captured when the vehicle brakes or decelerates (a system called regenerative braking).

Petrol and diesel release harmful gases

So being Gen Less means choosing the model with the highest fuel economy rating that suits your needs and budget. Lots of other things will help you keep your emissions as low as possible – like driving efficiently, keeping your tyres inflated, maintaining your vehicle and choosing different ways to get around.

Vehicle fuel economy labels

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