The actions we take now on climate change will be our legacy and will shape the lives of future generations.

It will take all of us. But when everyone acts — government, businesses, communities and individuals — we can drive real impact.

History will remember what we did. Let's be on the right side of climate action.


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Learn more about the key moments in history which have left a positive mark on our future.

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For everyone

While 81% of Kiwis say climate change is an important issue, only four in 10 say they could be doing more. Emissions from energy make up 41% of New Zealand’s total emissions, and transport makes up 43% of those emissions, but few people choose high impact, energy-reducing actions like driving less (30%) or buying products with a low carbon footprint (32%).

For business

Many businesses are feeling pressure from other areas, so climate change has become less of a priority. Well over a third believe it won’t impact their business. Just one in 5 businesses feel any pressure from customers and suppliers to do more to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. And 43% say New Zealand is too small to have any real impact on the environment.