Supporting small and medium businesses to tackle their emissions

The Climate Action Toolbox was created by a group of public, private, and not-for-profit organisations to address the gap in resources available for SMEs to take climate action.

SMEs make up around 97% of all kiwi businesses and contribute around 35% of the country’s GDP. Often, SME leaders may feel they don’t have the time or resources to look at climate action, which is why the tool is designed to be simple to use.

SMEs complete a fast, simple company profile, and will be directed to the actions that are relevant to them.

Objectives of the Climate Action Toolbox

  • Give SME leaders the tailored information they need to take climate action
  • Ensure SMEs are in the best position to promote their products and services to customers who are interested in sustainability
  • Grow the business community’s knowledge of the climate challenge
  • Drive action across New Zealand to reduce greenhouse gas emissions

How does it work?

The tool provides tailored advice and support in five major impact areas:

  • Moving people
  • Moving goods
  • Office operations
  • Site operations and equipment
  • Designing products



Businesses first go through an assessment to identify impact areas relevant to them. Under each impact area, businesses are presented with specific actions they can take along with a step-by-step implementation guide.

There are over 40 actions, including switching to electric vehicles and shared transport, limiting non-essential travel, installing LED lighting, being energy efficient, and converting to clean energy equipment.

Businesses will also be provided with case studies of other businesses in their community undertaking actions under relevant impact areas.

Climate Action Toolbox(external link)

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