Building management systems

Valuable energy control at your fingertips

A building energy management system (BMS or BEMS) monitors all the energy used to heat, cool and light a building and run its equipment. It lets you respond quickly as energy demand changes – even remotely – and reports on energy use over time.

It makes sure your building is always comfortable for staff and that your equipment switches off when not needed.

BMS are generally more cost-effective in larger premises.

There are 2 types of BMS

You can install a completely new BMS, or modify an existing system that monitors essential building services and security.

  • Monitoring and targeting systems - designed to monitor energy use and target areas for improvement.
  • Continuous commissioning systems - adjust your heating, ventilation, air conditioning (HVAC) and other systems continuously to meet demand.
  • Install a BMS

    A range of systems cater to different buildings and their reporting requirements. Work with an energy management specialist to recommend a system and oversee its installation.

  • Co-funding for BMS optimisation

    If you spend more than $200,000 a year on stationary energy, you may be eligible for co-funding to bring in an expert to tune and calibrate your BMS.