Why switch to EVs?

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    Cheap to run

    Fuelling up on electricity is cheaper than petrol or diesel. Maintenance costs are low because battery EV motors have so few moving parts. And there are road user charges (RUC) exemptions as well.
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    A range that meets your needs

    Most new EVs have a range of at least 300km – more than enough for most days on the road. A growing network of fast charging stations is always there for back-up.
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    Great for your brand

    Pulling up in an EV says it loud and clear – you’re forward-focused, tech-savvy and care about the environment.
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    A zippy, quiet ride

    With no gears to work through, an EV applies full power as soon as you touch the accelerator. There’s no engine noise – so you can arrive cool and calm.

    Experience an EV

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    Fast-track your emissions targets

    Running on renewable electricity drives down your emissions profile. It feels good to know battery EVs emit 60% fewer climate-changing emissions over their full life cycle than petrol vehicles.

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    Plug into any power point

    Charge at home or at work – it’s up to you. A wall-mounted AC charging unit will get you re-charged faster.

Given the financials stack up, it became a no brainer to convert our passenger fleet to EVs.

Nick Robilliard, Meridian Energy

EVs are exempt from road user charges

Light vehicles

Plug-in EVs are exempt from road user charges (RUC) until the end of 2021, saving their owners $600 a year on average.

Heavy vehicles

Plug-in heavy vehicles are exempt from road user charges (RUC) until they make up 2 per cent of the heavy vehicle fleet, saving owners potentially thousands of dollars a year.

Work out the total cost of ownership

Make the best choice for your carbon footprint – and your bottom line – by looking beyond the purchase price of a new business vehicle. Our total cost of ownership tool makes it easy for you to compare the cost of buying, running and on-selling new vehicles, whether they are electric, hybrid, petrol or diesel.

Total cost of ownership tool(external link)