Route planning systems

Software to make every km count

Route planning software helps you eliminate unnecessary kilometres so you can get more done with less resources. Services often include GPS tracking and features to prevent unplanned stops and plan fuel-efficient routes. It’s an investment that’s helped many Kiwi fleets reduce operating costs by as much as 20%.

Computerised vehicle routing and scheduling can help you to:

  • make better use of your vehicles
  • reduce journey times
  • minimise mileage
  • save fuel
  • reduce operating costs
  • improve the reliability of delivery schedules
  • improve customer satisfaction
  • be more profitable.

Two types of route planning systems

  • Journey planners

    Calculate the most efficient route by tapping into real-time digital maps. The software helps to optimise time spent on the road and get drivers there in the sharpest time.

  • Vehicle routing and scheduling packages

    Calculate the most efficient way to make a large number of deliveries, taking into account factors such as road speed, load size, customer opening hours and driving hours.

Before you buy, check out how much support comes with the system, such as staff training and a 24-hour helpline – and whether it will help you monitor your fuel efficiency.