It’s fair to say that lockdown life has had its ups and downs – while many of us have been happily working from home, the burden of beating the COVID curve hasn’t been equal, so we need to make sure no one is left behind as we carry on working together to fight for other big causes.

We have focused on the positive: we found working from home hasn't been all bad - and the environment has loved the break from our commutes. Video chats have kept us connected and reduced our travel emissions as well. We've loved seeing environments returning to their natural states, with wildlife coming back and pollution at an all-time low.

We put the call out to our Facebook followers to ask: what things from life under lockdown could we keep doing to make our lives, and our planet, better in the long run? We’ve collected some of the responses from our community below, which emphasised the peace and quiet, wildlife and learning we can make do with less.


  • The fact that we CAN respond to a crisis with serious and drastic measures. Climate disruption requires the same response.
  • I loved the QUIET - absence of the traffic noise. It was great to hear the bird song! 
  • Empty roads to cycle, community spirit engaging to make the best of it together.
  • We can get by with less. I like the quietness. People are friendly as they walk around. And the environment is cleaner.
  • The quietness of the streets, hearing many different bird song.
  • I live in a country town but even so the night sky seems brighter and clearer, so loving the effect lockdown has had on the environment.
  • Streets and communities for people 1st, bikes and active mobility 2nd, cars after.
  • Transformed physical and social environments with people and plants having precedence over cars especially.
  • On line guitar lessons.
  • The space we left for wildlife.
  • Empty roads.
  • That most food, like money, doesn't grow on trees! NZ has an abundant supply of some of the most amazing fresh produce in the world and we should be proud of this. We enjoy a reasonable "island" rainfall, a temperate climate, rich, fertile soils.
  • This time took me back to when I was a kid in the 60s
  • Having time to look up at the stars in the sky
  • Peace and quiet on our road outside and wild life being having a bit more free range, also the improvement in other places around the world.
  • This unbelievable opportunity for our planet to pause and be still. We can hear the sounds of nature. People seem tranquil and happy to greet others. I hope this event shocks us all into making essential changes to care for our planet.
  • The sound of the earth, the silence of humanity, the still beauty, no timetable/diary.
    Contacting people I haven't for far too long.
    Loving myself in all of the above.
  • Over 70 and do a lot of volunteer work normally. Have loved the no pressure no expectation and not having to produce results. The quietness is appreciated too.
  • My total dedication to keeping fit. I decided that if I was going to be stuck inside for weeks I would keep healthy and energetic .I may be seventy three but a healthy and happy one.
  • Time with my kids. Cleaner environment, less stuff being purchased.
  • The birds have been singing their little hearts out with the traffic so much less and quiet.
  • Hearing the birds’ happy sounds. The clear blue skies and the sun in the Redwood forest between the trees and people with their dogs enjoying walks, cycling and pushing their babies in prams. People say kia ora to me. Love it.
  • Spending lots of time with my family and loving to see my grandchildren on the farm. The cows are loving it no traffic.
  • You don’t need STUFF, connection is worth so much more
  • Feijoas!