Say no to endless work flights

If there’s something that 2020 has shown us, it’s that we can get a lot done without necessarily being ‘there’.

And it should be something we continue to really question - why fly when you don’t even need to leave your desk (or the couch)? With more meetings, and even big conferences, offering online options, you can stay on the ground more and only fly when you absolutely need to instead of always meeting in person just because it's the way it's always been done. The climate will thank you for it.


Reducing your flights saves you wasted travel time, and takes a huge chunk off your carbon footprint. In a normal year, business travellers jetting between Auckland and Wellington are responsible for around 65,000 tonnes of carbon.

If even half of these flights were swapped for an online meeting, that would be the same as taking around 13,500 cars off the road – and that’s only on one flight route!

Save your flights for when they really count, and enjoy the time and money you’re saving by staying grounded more often.

Quick facts:

  • A return trip to Australia can generate nearly a tonne of emissions. That’s the equivalent of a couple driving the entire length of New Zealand in a petrol car
  • Because they’re released at high altitude, flight emissions are intensified

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