Say no to the latest whatever

Birthdays, Christmas, Black Friday – there’s a lot of expectation to mark occasions, and a lot of enticement to shop, anytime. It’s never been easier to have just about anything we want land on the doorstep within a couple of days, but it’s easy to ignore that everything we buy trails carbon emissions from the moment it hits the production line.

Carbon footprint calculators don’t normally include the impact of the products we buy, particularly when they’re bought overseas, but when you include the invisible supply chain, and the energy used to create and transport goods, it can as much as triple your impact on the climate.

Give the credit card, and the planet, a break.

Quick facts:

  • Manufacturing a smart phone creates an estimated 66kg of carbon emissions
  • The fashion industry produces 10% of global carbon emissions. This is more carbon than international flights and maritime shipping combined.
  • Three-quarters of the average Kiwi’s carbon footprint comes from consuming goods and services

Choose no or low carbon