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Small changes add up - enjoy the benefits of a more climate-positive life at home and in your community.

drying clothes outside to save energy gen less
Dry your clothes outside
Enjoy more freshness, and waste less energy, by drying clothes outside instead of in a dryer.
shopping list to reduce food waste vegetables
Reduce food waste
Eat more of what you buy, and throw less kai away, by planning your weekly menu before you shop.
child eating an apple
Buy more consciously
Support more responsible businesses, and waste less energy, by choosing sustainable goods and services.
buying sustainable products that last gen less
Buy things that last
Enjoy more quality, and create less rubbish, by buying goods that are made to last.
do cold laundry washes
Do cold washes
Get more loads done for the same money, and use less energy, by washing your clothes on the cold setting.
discussing climate change with family - gen less
Discuss climate action
Get more people thinking about using less energy by asking your whānau what they think about climate change.