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Bring your family and friends on the Gen Less journey.

kids walking to school to save energy and live gen less
Walk, bike or bus to school
Get more fresh air, and use less fossil fuel, by walking or biking to school.
sharing car rides to save energy and live gen less
Share car trips
Enjoy more time with friends, and waste less energy, by ride-sharing to sports and other fun activities.
swapping clothes with friends gen less
Hold a clothes swap
Have more fun with your friends, and store less clothing you don’t need, by having a clothes swap.
making own presents to save energy emissions-gen less
Make presents
Get more creative, and use less energy, by making the present and card for your friends’ birthdays.
growing vegetables at home girl watering vege garden
Grow vegetables
Get more sunshine, and create less carbon, by growing your own veggies.
child grandparent cooking together
Ask your grandparents
Chat more with someone you love, and learn how to use less, by asking your grandparents if they have any energy-saving tips to share.
efficient lighting at home
Investigate lighting in your house
Learn more about your home, and how to waste less energy, by figuring out how many of the lights in your house are the efficient LED type.