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You'll find stories, tools, and a whole range of actions you can take that will cut down energy-related greenhouse gas emissions - and benefit our climate, your wellbeing, and your pocket. Just choose where you want to take action.

Carbon emissions and your carbon footprint

Climate change is caused by greenhouse gas emissions. Together, we can take action to reduce emissions by making changes in our everyday lives and the way we do business.

Understanding your carbon footprint is a great place to start — it's made up of everyday choices like how you get around, what you eat, and how much energy you use. The fewer emissions, the smaller your footprint.

You can cut down your footprint by taking actions like swapping the car for a bus or bike one day a week, switching your lightbulbs to LEDs, or shopping carefully, to avoid waste. It all makes a difference.

Our latest campaigns

World Car Free Day

World Car Free Day, September 22, is a movement that began in 2000, after decades of action by different organisations internationally. It brings communities together to consider ditching the car when they can. Everyone and anyone can take part! This year we’re also asking businesses to make Friday, September 22, a car-free day for their staff, and to consider on-going support.

The future of business is low emissions

We’ve gathered Kiwi businesses leaders from companies of all different sizes, sectors and regions to share how they’re bringing action and innovation to decarbonisation.

EV champion Hayden Paddon

Kiwi rally driver Hayden Paddon knows cars, and loves his EV.

He’s got the low down on what you need to know about saving emissions, costs, and enjoying a great drive by going electric.

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  • Article

    Climate action is good for business

    Reducing energy use and switching to cleaner fuels can have many benefits for business, beyond reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

    • Emission reduction
    • Energy management
    • Working Gen Less

    25 May 2023

  • Article

    Join business leaders taking climate action

    The future of business is low emissions – take your next step.

    • Emission reduction
    • Energy management
    • Low emission transport

    24 May 2023

  • Article

    Ruapehu College kicks coal to the curb

    Coal boilers, which are a major contributor to the country’s greenhouse emissions, are being replaced in New Zealand public schools by 2025.

    • Co-funding
    • Emission reduction
    • Energy management

    16 March 2023