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It pays to go electric

Powering your home with efficient, electric appliances can save you in energy costs – and slash your carbon footprint.

We've done the math on key household energy uses such as heating, water heating, cooking and driving. The numbers show that the most efficient electric options make sense financially – both in terms of monthly running costs and overall lifetime costs.

Discover how your household might stand to benefit from going electric. 

Energy, carbon, and the climate

Climate change is caused by greenhouse gas emissions. We can reduce our emissions by making clean and clever energy choices.

Understanding New Zealand's energy profile, as well as the impact of choices we all make, is a great place to start. 

Learn more about our electricity grid, New Zealand's response to climate change, and how we can take action to support our move towards a net zero carbon New Zealand by 2050.

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Save energy at home

Using less electricity, and shifting use to off-peak times where possible helps to reduce fossil-fuel generation needed to power the grid. It will also save you money. 

Read on for tips on getting the most out of your hot water and heating, as well as other areas like lighting and appliances. 

Best roadie EVer

Did you know driving from Auckland to Taupō in an EV costs about the same as large fries and a burger at the drive-thru? There's a charger every 75km on most state highways. So with summer here, and holidays around the corner, Gen Less can help set EV drivers up for a less-stress electric roadie.

The future of business is low emissions

We’ve gathered Kiwi businesses leaders from companies of all different sizes, sectors and regions to share how they’re bringing action and innovation to decarbonisation.

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