A lower carbon lifestyle is better for our climate, your wellbeing, and your pocket.

Where will you take climate action?

  • Everyday life

    Make little choices every day that have a big impact, like choosing where you shop, what you wear, what you eat, and what you say.

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  • At home

    Get your home set up to save emissions and dollars on heating, water, appliances, insulation, and lighting.

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  • On the move

    Check out these lower emissions transport options and pick what suits you - or switch it up one trip at a time.

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Curious to learn more about climate change?

Climate change is an issue for New Zealand, and for New Zealanders. Take a look at what that means for us, how we're tracking as a country, and learn how to understand the language of climate change.

Ways to get started

Changes you can make for free

Changes that cost a bit

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