Clean energy is better for our climate, your wellbeing, and your pocket.

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In New Zealand, our energy use makes up almost 40% of our greenhouse gas emissions. Those emissions are created when we burn fossil fuels – driving a petrol car or diesel truck, travelling by plane, burning gas for manufacturing or burning coal to create electricity.

Our opportunity is to contribute to a better future by choosing to live more, with less energy.

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Powering your home with efficient, electric appliances can save you in energy costs – and slash your carbon footprint.

An all-electric household produces 85% less greenhouse gas emissions than a mixed-fuel household, with the largest impact coming from electric vehicles.

We've done the math and the numbers show that choosing the most efficient electric options makes sense financially – both in terms of monthly running costs and overall lifetime costs.

Discover how your household might stand to benefit from going electric. 

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