Warm, dry homes are healthier to live in and more energy-efficient. Doing what you can to tackle dampness and improve your home’s heat retention will help you save power (and money). Energy-efficient homes help tackle climate change by making New Zealand’s renewable electricity sources go further.

Getting started

Start by assessing your home to find out where you can make improvements. You can do a healthy home check yourself online, or a certified advisor can visit and assess your home, and tailor an improvement plan. Many offer their services free of charge.

What the home check will cover:
  • Whether your home has adequate ventilation and insulation/heat retention
  • How efficient your heating, hot water and lighting systems are
  • Whether your rental property meets New Zealand’s healthy home standards(external link)

Do a healthy home check online

The HomeFit tool takes you through a simple online check of your home. This will tell you what's good about it and what could be improved.

Get an in-home assessment

Community Energy Action Trust

Offers Home Energy Checks in and around Christchurch and the neighbouring districts. Some households are eligible for free checks.

Learn more(external link)

Eco Design Advisor

A council-funded service that offers free home visits or virtual consultations for residents of Dunedin, Christchurch, Nelson, Lower Hutt, Palmerston North, New Plymouth and Auckland. 

Learn more(external link) 

Sustainability Trust

Offers free home energy assessments and ‘Warm Dry Home Assessments’ within the Wellington region.

Learn more(external link)

Home Performance Advisor

HPA maintains a public register of certified advisors across the country.

Find a certified advisor in your area(external link)