Switch up your transport – one trip at a time

Every time you head out is a chance to get a little more – exercise, family time, thinking time or cash in your pocket. Mix up car trips with other options like walking, biking, public transport or car share. A little planning will set you up for healthier, cheaper, lower emissions journeys.

There’s no pressure to do it all at once. Change one trip at a time. Others are doing the same – and it all adds up.

Nurture your mind and body en route

Walking or biking releases feel-good endorphins, increases muscle tone, keeps the weight off, lowers stress levels and reduces the risk of disease. About a third of vehicle trips in New Zealand are less than 2km – which most people could knock off with a half hour walk. Two thirds are less than 6km – about 25 minutes by bike (or 10 minutes by e-bike, even uphill).

Get more out of travel time

Does time in the car feel like time wasted? Get more out of the time you spend getting from A to B when you choose an alternative.

  • Family time: Walk the school run to hear what’s going on with your kids. Bike or scoot to improve their road sense and confidence.
  • Down time: Take public transport for more time to read, study, listen to podcasts or catch up on emails.
  • Fitness time: Biking or jogging to work could save time spent in the gym – or inspire a whole new fitness challenge. Ever done a triathlon?
  • Connection time: Car pool or take public transport to connect with colleagues and people in your community.
  • Free time: Organise a car pool to take kids to activities. It means more free time for you, and more chat time for your kids.

More money in your pocket

You could free up a lot of cash flow if your household could manage with one less car.

More than half of New Zealand households have access to 2 or more cars — that's a lot of money parked on the driveway. After purchase price and finance, there's fuel, insurance, maintenance, tyres, warrant of fitness, vehicle licence and parking. And of course the value of most vehicles depreciates over time.

If you can mix and match alternative transport options, that's money saved for you, and emissions saved for the climate.

Closest things to owning a car

  • Electric bike

    Don’t let hills, wind or shopping slow you down. Most people can easily make 25km/h on an e-bike and barely break a sweat.

  • Car share or rental

    Several main centres have short hop or round-trip options. For a particular job like a roadie, ski trip or moving flat, hire just the car you need – like an estate, an SUV or a van.

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