According to our research, 88% of Kiwis want businesses to do more about climate change. Thankfully, there are businesses making great efforts to lower their carbon footprint and produce sustainable products. 

Learn how to spot a carbon-conscious company, while avoiding greenwash, and use the power of your dollar to support businesses taking action.

Signs of a carbon conscious company

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    Labels and certification

    Genuine certifications show a product, service or business is taking measurable steps to reduce or offset its carbon footprint. Look for them on things you buy or company websites.

    Labels to look for(external link)

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    Visible action

    Businesses that make efforts to reduce emissions want their customers to know about it – so if they’re taking action, it should be easy to find out. Look online for sustainability reports, certifications and carbon-reduction initiatives on company websites and social media. See if they use low-emission or electric vehicles, or have switched from a fossil-fuelled process heat system (like a coal boiler) to electricity or wood energy. 

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    Verifiable claims

    It’s a great confidence boost if sustainability and carbon reduction claims check out elsewhere. Do a little extra research to see how the company’s reputation stacks up in the media and with other third-party commentators and watchdogs.

How to spot greenwash

"Greenwashing" is when businesses make their products look more environmentally friendly than they really are.

  • Watch the words — 'Green', 'natural', 'biodegradable' and 'eco-friendly' don't mean much – look for official labels instead.
  • Specific claims are better than vague ones — Go for 'Made from 100% recycled material' rather than 'all natural'.
  • Beware of the packaging — Imagery like leaves or trees, green colours and cardboard packaging can imply the product is made sustainably.

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