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Live more with less energy

Live more with less energy.

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Gen Less aligns a generation of people who get more out of life by using less energy.

It unites New Zealand individuals, organisations, businesses and the government, to live and work in more climate-friendly ways.

Living Gen Less means you are choosing to take meaningful, ongoing action to reduce your greenhouse gas emissions from energy use.

Because if we’re going to stop climate change, we need to do it together.

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Start living and working Gen Less

Change only happens if we act. The good news is there are lots of ways we can make change at home, work or school, and to the way our businesses operate; some big, some small.

We have a variety of ways to help you start using less harmful energy, and getting more out of life.

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Live more with less energy

Curious to know how changing the way we live and work now will impact climate change? We can keep some of what was good about our Covid lockdown and reap the benefits - find out how.

2020: the year of collective action and community

In January, EECA Chief Executive Andrew Caseley predicted 2020 would be the year for “people continuing to recognise the power of collective action – small steps, taken together, making big strides.” It seems he was right, though not in the way he expected.

If you could keep one thing from your lockdown experience, what would it be? 

We asked our online community what we could keep doing to make our lives, and our planet, better in the long run - and we got some great responses.

Businesses taking Gen Less action

See the steps these businesses are taking to reduce their energy-related greenhouse gas emissions.

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We've reduced our emissions by 21% since 2016 through energy use and food waste reductions, and climate-friendly refrigeration. We've got an ongoing commitment to reduce them by 60% from our 2015 levels by 2030.
Ecostore gen less logo symbol


From our biodegradable ingredients, to our carboNZero certified manufacturing and sugar plastic packaging, we ensure our products are safer for you, your family and our world.
Ethique gen less logo symbol


Proudly made in New Zealand, our plastic-free solid beauty and personal care range is taking on the world and helping to eliminate plastic bottles. Certified palm-free, cruelty-free and vegan.
NZ Post gen less logo symbol

NZ Post

We’re committed to delivering your parcels in the most sustainable way. Moving our delivery vehicles to EVs and increasing our focus on recyclable packaging are just the start.
Stuff gen less logo symbol


Since 2015 we’ve achieved a 47% reduction in our carbon emissions across the business, by radically reducing our electricity consumption and waste across all our offices and events.
Wishbone Design gen less logo symbol

Wishbone Design

We make simple things that work well, so people can waste less, and play more.
Westpac gen less logo symbol


We’re committed to taking action on climate change, and helping finance New Zealand’s transition to an ultra-low emissions economy.
Miraka gen less logo symbol


We’re taking action and building ideas that are environmentally and life-affirming as well as learn-able and share-able.
Lewis Road Creamery gen less logo symbol

Lewis Road

We’re passionate about our sustainability journey and want to combat climate change through energy use and encourage New Zealanders to make small changes which will contribute to a universal goal.
WWF gen less logo


We believe in science-based, knowledge-led solutions for a world where people live in harmony with nature.
auckland council gen less symbol logo

Auckland Council

We’re actively working with Aucklanders and New Zealanders to reduce their carbon footprint through the FutureFit tool.
Jane Goodall Foundation gen less symbol logo

Jane Goodall Institute New Zealand

We're undertaking work on sustainability issues and mobilising an informed and compassionate critical mass of people, helping to create a better world for people, other animals and our shared environment.
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The Gen Less symbol

The 'less than' symbol (<) is the symbol of Gen Less. It stands for using less energy, while getting more out of life.

More innovation. More fun. More connection.

Whether you're a business, organisation, or an individual, you can show your support for Gen Less by displaying the < symbol when talking about the Gen Less action you're taking.