Thrive in a low-emissions economy

Explore these high-impact ways to push your business towards a thriving, futuristic low-emissions economy.

Applications open for round two of the industrial decarbonisation fund

Round one of the Government Investment in Decarbonising Industry (GIDI) Fund attracted high-quality applicants, and fourteen projects were approved and announced in April.

Applications for round two of co-funding are now open, and close Monday, May 17.

The tool smaller businesses need to tackle their carbon footprint

The new Climate Action Toolbox is a free, easy-to-use online tool that shows you how to reduce your business emissions.

The toolbox is a simple self-assessment tool to help reduce the carbon footprint of any business. It focuses on five key areas – transport (moving people and goods), office operations, site operations and equipment, and the design and making of products.

Harness the power of your staff

Educating and motivating staff about energy efficiency is proven to help businesses save energy and carbon emissions for relatively low cost.

Co-funding & support

Find out if our funding, loans or expert advice can help your energy or emissions project.

Take a lead on business transport

  • Say no to endless work flights

    Why fly when you don’t even need to leave your desk? More meetings and conferences are offering low-stress online options. You can carve a chunk off your carbon footprint by only flying when you absolutely need to.

    Say no to endless work flights

  • Encourage flexible working

    If staff could work from home one day a week, or travel during off-peak hours, give them the green light. It’ll save their time and money as well as carbon emissions.

  • Install EV charging

    Prepare for years of pollution-free driving by installing the right infrastructure at your premises now. Find out more about what you need to consider.

    Business charging