Where to start

  1. 1

    Ceiling insulation

    Start with ceiling insulation. If it's safe to access, check your roof space for insulation — even if you have some, it may need topping up.

  2. 2

    Underfloor insulation

    Once your ceiling insulation is sorted, insulate the underfloor of your building. If the underfloor is accessible, and more than half a metre off the ground, make this your next priority.

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    Stop warm air from escaping by blocking draughts and sealing gaps.

Use thermal imaging to find heat loss

Thermal imaging is a non-invasive way to find draughts around doors and windows, and find defects in insulation, cables and ducting. You can get help from an expert, or hire or buy a thermal imaging camera. 

Get help with insulation design

For larger buildings and those with specialised heating requirements, such as data processing centres, ask a specialist for advice. 

Carbon and Energy Professionals NZ(external link)