According to The Good Registry's co-founder Christine Langdon, "too many gifts end up in landfill along with all their wrapping paper and packaging, when that money could spread joy instead.

"We are all better off if we bring it back to: What's the purpose of our business, and how are we using it to make the world a better place?"

Small actions

Through its charitable gift cards and registries, Christine says they've replaced 17,000 gifts, "and all the associated packaging and postage — all the climate impacts going right back to production.

As a small social enterprise with just a small team, Christine says taking a sustainable view is part of every decision. "We think about it when we travel, when we buy the clothes we wear, when we dispose of our office waste."

Some of the Good Registry's actions

  • Minimise real estate footprint by sharing a workspace with likeminded organisations (and Oscar the office cat).
  • Minimise printing. Turn off lights when they're not in use.
  • Waste management at the office minimises waste to landfill.
  • Branded clothing is fair trade, organic and sustainably printed.
  • The team walk to meetings, use shared transport, or meet online as much as possible. They fly as little as possible (once in three years!).
  • Their Good Gift Cards are electronic instead of plastic.

Is it worth it?

Christine says, no matter the size of the business, they can start their sustainability journey with small steps. "Just find one thing you could do more sustainably and start there."

She adds, "customers are increasingly using their spending power for good," so being able to demonstrate climate-positive action to customers is of real value to organisations, even smaller ones.

"Most of us feel that we can't do big things, but that often creates the question: is it worth doing anything? I absolutely believe it always is. Every little bit adds up."

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