Based on energy modelling(external link) from EECA, the organisation that backs Gen Less, we take a closer look at what energy could potentially look like in the future. It's a vision for Aotearoa New Zealand in 2050, when we've worked hard to tackle climate change and have a resilient, healthy, low-carbon society and economy.

The scenarios we modelled show that most of New Zealand's energy emissions can be eliminated by 2050 using existing technologies, and the demand for fossil fuels will have halved.

Transport, which makes up around half of all energy-related emissions, will be almost entirely fossil fuel-free, and we'll get around on great public transport networks. If people own a car, it will be electric. We'll live in smart, fully electric homes, and work in comfortable, energy-efficient offices.

It's a snapshot of where we're headed, based on the actions that the government, businesses, and individuals are taking right now.

Energy in the future

Explore what our New Zealand Energy Scenario modelling tells us about our potential future energy system.