We’re feeling the effects of climate change now. Wild weather, wildfires, and sea level rise are hurting families and communities all over Aotearoa New Zealand.

In this special, hosted by Miriama Kamo, Kiwis can find out more about where our energy-related emissions come from, and meet the people and businesses tackling climate challenges head-on.

TVNZ is aiming to inform, inspire and mobilise New Zealanders to take steps towards a low carbon future. 

Through its support of the show EECA, the government agency that backs Gen Less, wants to highlight the role of energy in our greenhouse gas profile; what good looks like in our homes, at work, and on the move; and offer concrete actions that people can take, demonstrating to New Zealanders how we can live more while using less harmful energy.

The special follows the families forced to flee their homes, the consumers making their shopping choices with the planet in mind, the entrepreneurs finding sustainable ways to work, and the scientists with predictions for the future.

Along the way, viewers can draw hope from a lot of ordinary people making little changes, using Kiwi ingenuity to tackle the biggest single issue facing our planet this generation.

How to watch

The special is available to view any time on TVNZ+. Find it here: 

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