“It’s only by saying NO that you can concentrate on the things that are really important.”

Steve Jobs

Say NO to wasted energy

Life is busy, messy and full enough as it is without adding climate change action to the list of stuff we have to do. But what if climate action didn’t need to be another burden to carry?

What if it could be liberating and positive instead?

What if, instead of giving up the stuff we love, we could help the planet by giving up the stuff we don’t love?

That’s what saying no to wasted energy is all about.

Embrace the ‘power of no’ and instead of wasting energy on things and stuff we don’t really want or need, we can give ourselves, and the planet, a breather.

Say NO to the latest whatever

Swap conspicuous consumption for conscious consumption and enjoy the warm glow of money well spent.

Say no to endless work flights

This year we’ve found out just how much we can get done online; let’s continue to think twice before we book flights.

Say NO to sitting in traffic

The car is typically a household’s single biggest energy-related emitter. Reducing your car trips is one of the biggest things you can do to bring down your carbon footprint. Find ways to free yourself from the road more often, and save yourself time and money.

Behind the scenes

Our new 45s ‘power of no’ tv commercial was a fairly significant undertaking with over a hundred extras and production crew shooting in Wellington’s CBD on a chilly Saturday morning, with the All Blacks hibernating just around the corner in preparation for their first Bledisloe Cup match.

And given the creative context of a climate change march, many observers could have been forgiven for thinking it was the real deal.

Say no to the status quo

When your passions are speed, cars, winning and technology, an electric car is a game-changer. Four-time New Zealand Rally Champion Hayden Paddon explains why EVs are great on the road and on the track.



    Living Gen Less means you can focus energy on the things that really matter. Find ways to make a warm and efficient home that saves energy and power bills, and make climate-friendly choices about what you buy, eat and do.



    Choosing a lower-emissions transport option is one of the best ways to care for our climate. There’s no pressure to change everything all at once. Check out these options and switch it up one trip at a time.



    Join thousands of New Zealand companies making a proactive commitment to use less energy. You’ll save costs as well as emissions, and get ahead of the curve to meet growing demand for climate-conscious products and services.