The secret to taking climate action? You just start.

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Many Kiwi organisations see hurdles, not opportunities, when it comes to climate action, despite knowing sustainability is good for business. But there’s good news: 65% of business leaders still maintain that they can make a difference to climate change.

Take action

Getting started on your climate action plan begins with easy steps. We’ll show you how.

Sustainability isn’t a ‘nice to have’ anymore, it’s an absolute must for business. You choose a place to start, and you build on from there.

Juliette Hogan, Director/Owner/Designer, Juliette Hogan

Hear from climate-positive business leaders

Seven business leaders from across New Zealand share their experience reducing emissions. Find out how to get started, keep momentum and what they’ve learnt along the way.

Good for business

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Climate action can save costs, add value, and future-proof your business.

Building momentum

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The biggest risk is doing nothing — small changes, one after another, build to big impact.

Learning along the way

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You can’t measure what you don’t manage — measure your carbon emissions and learn where you can make changes.

The first step was to really measure and understand our carbon footprint. Doing whatever we can to have a positive impact on Papatūānuku.

Michele Wilson, Kaihautū/CEO, AWWA

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