The trouble is — we really, really love our cars.

Did you know that collectively, Kiwis drive the equivalent of 1.2 million times round the planet every year? Or that, in New Zealand, we drive 49 billion kilometres each year?

Check out these other interesting things you didn't know about the impact of transport on climate change.


What to do next

  • On the move

    12 June 2021

    Check out these lower emissions transport options and pick what suits you - or switch it up one trip at a time.

    • Low emission transport
  • Say no to short car trips

    Kiwis make more than a billion car trips under 2km every year. By stretching our legs instead, we can slash greenhouse gas emissions.

    • Low emission transport
  • Explore transport options

    Mix up your car trips with healthier, low emissions transport options.

    • Low emission transport


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