Will Hunter’s interest in electric vehicles started with SpaceX and Tesla.

“I found the technology very exciting and then I started to become more aware of the environmental benefits and cost savings,” he says. “It’s very rare that an alternative to the mainstream is better in every way."


EVs are cheaper, offer better performance, and are nicer to drive. I think we should all be switching to EVs, so I decided to spend my free time spreading the word.

Will Hunter, EV enthusiast

Will runs a T-shirt printing company in Christchurch and after a road trip in his Nissan Leaf to the Armageddon Expo in Wellington in 2019 he came up with the idea to drive from Wellington to Bluff to dispel some stereotypes about EVs.

“People say EVs can’t tow but I use my Leaf to tow my work trailer full of stands, stock and T-shirt printing equipment,” says Will. “I also thought it would be cool to show you can drive longer distances in an EV because that’s an objection a lot of people have.”

Will used the Power Trip app to figure out when and where he needed to charge the car. “You might have to spend a bit more time stopping and charging your EV but it’s a great excuse to take a break and see a bit more of New Zealand at the same time,” he says.

Will stopped to charge his vehicle in Ward - Kaikoura - Cheviot - Amberley - Christchurch - Ashburton - Timaru - Oamaru - Hampden - Aramoana - Dunedin - Milton - Balclutha - Gore - Invercargill and Bluff.

“Stopping to take regular breaks makes it very restful and relaxing,” says Will. “EVs are a dream to drive long distances. If you don’t need to travel long distances regularly or to a time schedule then an EV is ideal. Make it a road trip. Make it an adventure.”

As well as enjoying the benefits of an EV, Will is committed to educating others.

“I fully believe that all new vehicles coming into New Zealand will be electric by 2030 and my goal is to bring that forward by a couple of years if we can. I volunteer with the Christchurch EV Group to get people behind the wheel and answer any questions they might have. I help them see how an EV can fit into their life. EVs are not nearly as expensive as most people think and there are so many positives to owning one.”

How it stacked up

  • 1018 km

    Total journey

  • $80.76

    Total charging cost

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