If you’re here, you’re probably already taking action on your own environmental impact – maybe you’re driving less (or not at all!), buying second-hand. Of course, we're all holidaying at home instead of overseas this year.

Knowledge is power

Being able to see exactly what impact those choices have can be difficult, so we partnered with FutureFit. The simple online carbon footprint tool gives you a snapshot of your carbon emissions, and what you can do to reduce them. It also shows you what the wider community is doing and the collective impact of all our actions.

You’ll answer some quick questions for a broad snapshot of where you’re at with your carbon footprint, and you can delve even deeper if you’re keen.

The tool will help you set you some specific goals and actions and support you, encouraging and reminding you along the way.

It is a place where you can really start some momentum, get others on board, set up your own winning team, and share your progress with others.

If you’re a business, they also have FutureFit in business, an internal engagement programme that provides businesses with a suite of resources to engage and support their people to live more carbon friendly lifestyles. It includes the FutureFit tool plus a business dashboard (to track collective impact of employees), a toolkit with a launch strategy, comms templates, 12-month activation programme and collateral/posters.

Check out FutureFit(external link)

FutureFit in business(external link)