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Renovating? Making big purchases? Think about how your investment now will pay off with a better future.

led lighting at home efficient lighting gen less
Switch to LED bulbs
Get more lighting that lasts, and waste less energy, by switching your lightbulbs to LEDs.
install insulation at home to reduce energy use
Install insulation
Get more warmth, and waste less energy, by installing insulation in your house.
Future fit on laptop
Measure your emissions using Future Fit
Discover more about your impact on the planet, and how you can use less energy, by using
charging electric vehicle at home
Buy an EV
Use more clean energy, and less fossil fuel, by buying an EV and charging it overnight at home.
efficient showerhead flow restrictor saving energy gen less
Install a more efficient showerhead
Save more water, and use less power, by choosing an efficient shower head or flow restrictor.
energy efficient appliances at home to save energy
Choose efficient products
Use more efficient technology, and waste less energy, by checking the labels to ensure you're buying energy efficient appliances.