Choose the most efficient vehicle for your needs

Anything you can save in fuel makes a significant different to heavy vehicle operating costs. A saving of 10% in fuel costs can affect profitability by as much as 30%. Make sure the engine size is right for the job – every additional 5 hp can increase fuel consumption by 2%.

Guide to selecting a heavy vehicle(external link)

Improve aerodynamics to save fuel

As heavy vehicles pick up speed, they need more and more energy to overcome drag. If your fleet includes heavy vehicles with average speeds over 70km/h, these measures could translate to fuel savings of up to 10%.

  • Cover empty tipper trucks with a tarpaulin at all times when on the road - 3% fuel savings.
  • Place load close to the cab on flat deck trucks – 3% fuel savings.
  • Mount a cab roof deflector so it passes over the front edge of the body or load.
  • An adjustable deflector is best for trucks that carry loads of different heights or travel empty at times – 1.2%-2.4% fuel savings.
  • Use flarings to direct air away from the side gaps between cabs and trailers.

Before you invest in changing all your vehicles, ask others in similar operations what worked well for them. Run a trial with 4 vehicles – 2 fitted with aerodynamic features and 2 without – and measure the difference. Swap drivers to account for different driving styles.