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How we choose to get around has a big impact.
Lessen your impact with our transport tips.

children playing at home water fight
Holiday in NZ
See more of Aotearoa, and generate less carbon, by holidaying locally.
commuting sustainably to reduce carbon emissions gen less
Commute without the car
Get more active, and create less pollution, by biking, walking or taking an e-scooter to work.
walking kids to school to reduce carbon emissions
Walk, bike, bus or scooter your kids to school
Share more quality time, and burn less fuel, by walking, biking, bussing or scootering the kids to school.
combine car trips to save carbon emissions
Combine car trips
Make life more efficient, and waste less energy, by thinking ahead to combine your local car trips.
efficient car electric vehicle family
Switch to a more efficient car
Enjoy a smoother, more quiet ride, and use less fuel, by choosing an EV or a hybrid model next time you buy.
driving efficiently to save carbon emissions gen less
Drive more efficiently
Be more zen in the car, and waste less energy, by driving more smoothly and keeping your tyres inflated.
using public transport to reduce carbon emissions
Use public transport
Enjoy some downtime, and use less energy, by choosing public transport whenever you can.
offset carbon emissions air travel save bees
Offset your flights
Help grow more trees, and create less carbon, by offsetting any flights you need to take.