Smooth running every day

Maintain your car’s engine and tyres so it uses fuel efficiently.

  • Get your vehicle serviced regularly: Get oil and air filters changed when they’re due and keep your engine tuned.
  • Check tyre pressure every month: Low tyre pressure increases fuel consumption and can speed up wear and tear on your tyres.
  • Have your wheels aligned: This helps to avoid rapid and uneven wear on your tyres.
  • Ask for eco tyres: Tyres with a lower rolling resistance can improve fuel economy by up to 7.5%, saving emissions and running costs.

Get your tyre pressure right

All tyres gradually lose air. Check the pressure every month to make your tyres last longer. Your car will handle better and be safer too.

  • Find your vehicle's correct tyre pressure: It's usually on a label inside the driver's door, the fuel flap or in your vehicle handbook.
  • Check when your tyres are cold - so when you've travelled less than 3 km.
  • It's easy at a service station: Most have a pump with a built-in gauge. Enter the correct pressure into the air pump and keep the tyre gauge pressed into the valve system until the air pump beeps.
  • Check all your tyres: Don't forget the spare!
  • Add extra if you're towing or carrying a full load: Check your vehicle handbook, or as a rule of thumb add 4 psi (28 kpa or 0.28 bar) to the recommended pressure.

A tyre under-inflated by 10% will cost you 1% more fuel.

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, USA

  • Tyres on trailers are often poorly maintained or under-inflated – but they have a significant effect on fuel consumption. Check them as often as other vehicle tyres.
  • Just 1 degree of misalignment of one axle can increase fuel consumption by as much as 5%. Watch for signs such as wear on the tyre shoulder, or uneven wear over the tyre tread.