Buy the most efficient vehicle for your needs

Fuel consumption differs hugely between different vehicles, even ones of a similar size. Choose the most fuel-efficient model that meets your needs and has a 5-star safety rating. It can save you money – and shows your business cares. Cars for sale should display a Vehicle Emissions and Energy Economy Label (VEEEL) with this information.

Work out the total cost of ownership

Make the best choice for your carbon footprint – and your bottom line – by looking beyond the purchase price of a new business vehicle. Our total cost of ownership tool makes it easy for you to compare the cost of buying, running and on-selling new vehicles, whether they are electric, hybrid, petrol or diesel.

Look beyond the four-wheeled solution

Give staff the freedom and flexibility to choose other ways to get around. Maybe you don’t actually need another car?

  • Encourage staff to walk to meetings, or make it easy for them to take a bus and have the fare reimbursed.
  • Provide secure bike parking and showers for cyclists.
  • Try offering a few pool bikes, e-bikes or e-scooters.
  • Set up virtual meeting options, such as web or video conferencing.
  • Set up a carpooling or taxi sharing calendar so staff can share rides when they travel to the same place.
  • Allow flexible start and finish times so staff can travel off-peak.
  • Phase out car parking as an employee benefit.
  • Sign your business up to a car share scheme.

Have a go in an EV

Make a workplace travel plan(external link)

The case for going electric

Electric vehicles (EVs) are much cheaper to run than a petrol or diesel vehicle, more efficient, don't pollute the air with exhaust emissions and emit 80% less CO2 than equivalent petrol vehicles when driven in New Zealand.

How to build an electric fleet(external link)