Align your fleet to the needs of your staff and organisation

Fleet optimisation means using actual usage data to make informed decisions about how to manage your vehicles. Forget the person-car relationship – having cars that spend all day in the garage is a waste of resources. Start by taking a pooled approach – car pool booking software can help to make sure the right vehicle is available for the right job.

  • Mix it up

    Record data on how your vehicles are used over a period of months. Use this to structure an efficient fleet that still meets your needs. If 1-2 staff members often take short trips journey, you may be able to switch a wagon for a fuel efficient compact car – or an electric vehicle.

  • Think beyond ownership

    There are more creative transport options than owning or leasing a car. Car share schemes, e-bikes, e-scooters and public transport are cost-effective and flexible options that can save resources and still meet your needs.