A Gen Less dishwasher is efficient with energy and water

The average modern dishwasher on a full cycle uses about 15 litres of water – far less than washing the same amount of dishes in the sink. And you usually don’t need to rinse them first.

  • Look for more stars. The Energy Rating Label shows which dishwashers run on less energy, generating fewer emissions.
  • Get the right size for your household. Slimline or single-drawer dishwashers are great for smaller households.
  • Different settings give you options. Eco mode generally saves energy and water. Half-load and fast settings can also be useful.

Using a dishwasher with 4 stars on the Energy Rating Label generates 51% less emissions than a similar dishwasher with only 2 stars.

Get more for less

Reduce the amount of energy it takes to run your dishwasher:

  • Fill it up before you run it. If you have to run it half-full, use the half-load setting.
  • Clean the filter regularly. Use a brush and hot soapy water. Check the spray-arm holes aren’t clogged.
  • Match the setting to the load. If you have an eco setting, try it for less-dirty dishes and save the default setting for nasty loads.

Your checklist for smarter shopping

By making clever appliance purchases, you can lower your cost of living while reducing your household emissions (and new appliances look pretty good too) – it's a win-win-win!

Before you walk into the shop, it pays to consider costs beyond the price tag. We’ve crunched the numbers and developed a checklist for you – to help you buy smarter.