What's worth knowing

  • Good for bedrooms, studies and other smaller rooms
  • Cheap to buy
  • Huge range of types and technologies
  • More expensive to run than most other options
  • Less powerful than other heating types

Be Gen Less with electric heaters

Convection, panel, oil column, fan, micathermic, radiant, infrared… they all convert our 80% renewable electricity into useful heat with the same efficiency.

  • Go for one with a higher wattage and a thermostat. You’ll get to a comfortable temperature quickly without wasting energy.
  • Use a timer to warm the room before you need it – you can buy a separate timer plug.
  • Put portable heaters on the cold side of the room or near a window – it helps to distribute the heat.
  • Stay safe – keep heaters away from curtains and anything else that could catch fire. Plug in only one heater per socket.

How much do they cost to run?

  • 250W - 6 cents/hour
  • 1000W - 25 cents/hour
  • 2400W - 60 cents/hour

(Assuming an electricity price of 25 cents/kWh.)