What's worth knowing

  • Low cost – Heat pumps are cheaper to run than other home heaters.
  • Instant heating (and cooling) – Temperature can be controlled at the flick of a switch and can be turned on and off as needed or set to a timer.
  • Versatile – Heat pumps can heat one room, or many rooms if you buy a ducted system.
  • They can be noisy when running at full power.
  • Future proof – In the near future, our electricity grid will require demand response capabilities in equipment – heat pumps can offer this.
  • Low emission – Heat pumps are 100% electric. New Zealand’s highly renewable electricity grid makes them a low emission option – but remember, they don't work during a power cut.
  • Very efficient - Heat pumps can put out three times more heat than the power they consume.
  • More stars, more efficient

    Using a heat pump with 3 stars on the Energy Rating Label uses 34% less energy than a similar heat pump with only 1 star. New Zoned Energy Rating Labels also tell you which models suit different climates.

  • When to switch off

    Lots of people think that it’s more efficient to keep your heat pump running all the time. This is incorrect – make sure you turn your heat pump off when you’re not in the room and when you leave the house, it’ll save you money and avoid wasted energy.

Using a heat pump with 3 stars on the Energy Rating Label generates 34% less emissions than a similar heat pump with only 1 star.

Run your heat pump efficiently

Heat pumps come with built-in features to help you better control the amount of energy you use.

  • Use the timer to warm the room just before you get home and switch off when you don't need it.
  • Set the thermostat between 19ºC and 21ºC – this keeps your home warm and dry, while saving power.
  • Set the fan to ‘auto’ mode – this will let the pump optimise its fan speed.
  • If you want to heat a room up quickly, set it the fan to ‘high’ as this also has great efficiency.
  • Only set the fan to 'low' if you really need it to be quiet – this will reduce the efficiency for the unit and increase your power bill.
  • Heat pumps sometimes blow cold air during very cold weather, to defrost the outdoor unit. This is normal, and it should be back to heating in a few minutes.
  • Clean the removable filter with a vacuum cleaner or warm water every couple of months. It's easy and stops the filter from getting clogged, which stops the air from flowing.
  • Warmer Kiwi Homes

    Warmer Kiwi Homes grants cover 80% of the cost of approved insulation and up to 80% of the cost of approved heaters. If you own and live in a house built before 2008, and either live in a lower-income area or have a Community Services Card, you may be eligible.