What's worth knowing

  • Cheap to run
  • Provide instant heat
  • Have a thermostat and timer
  • Can heat one room, or many rooms if you buy a ducted system
  • Different models suit different rooms and climates – if you live in a colder area, look for one that performs well in low temperatures
  • Can be very efficient – look for more stars on the Energy Rating Label
  • Have cooling options
  • Don't work during a power cut
  • Can be noisy when running at full power

Using a heat pump with 3 stars on the Energy Rating Label generates 34% less emissions than a similar heat pump with only 1 star.

Run your heat pump efficiently

Use heat pump technology to get instant control over the amount of energy you use.

  • Use the timer to warm the room just before you get home and switch off when you don't need it.
  • Set the thermostat to above 18ºC (to combat damp and mould) but below 21ºC (to save power).
  • Set it to 'heating' mode – 'auto' can make the heat pump waste energy by constantly changing between hot and cold.
  • When it's really cold, set the fan to 'auto'. 'Low' and 'quiet' won’t give you full blast.
  • Heat pumps sometimes blow cold air during very cold weather, to defrost the outdoor unit. This is normal, and it should be back to heating in a few minutes.
  • Clean the filter with a vacuum cleaner or warm water every couple of weeks. It's easy and makes all the difference.