A Gen Less dishwasher is efficient with energy and water

The average modern dishwasher on a full cycle uses about 15 litres of water – far less than washing the same amount of dishes in the sink. And you usually don’t need to rinse them first.

  • Look for more stars. The Energy Rating Label shows which dishwashers run on less energy, generating fewer emissions.
  • Get the right size for your household. Slimline or single-drawer dishwashers are great for smaller households.
  • Different settings give you options. Eco mode generally saves energy and water. Half-load and fast settings can also be useful.

Using a dishwasher with 4 stars on the Energy Rating Label generates 51% less emissions than a similar dishwasher with only 2 stars.

Get more for less

Reduce the amount of energy it takes to run your dishwasher:

  • Fill it up before you run it. If you have to run it half-full, use the half-load setting.
  • Clean the filter regularly. Use a brush and hot soapy water. Check the spray-arm holes aren’t clogged.
  • Match the setting to the load. If you have an eco setting, try it for less-dirty dishes and save the default setting for nasty loads.