Heating water uses a lot of energy

If you prefer warm washes, the right-sized, energy efficient model makes a big difference. If you wash in cold, you’re already winning.

Choosing a washing machine

There are two types of washing machine – top loader and front loader. Top loaders tend to use more water and energy, but they wash more quickly.

Two ways to use the Energy Rating Label 

  • Get the right size for your household. As a guide, up to 6kg capacity suits 1-2 people, 6-8kg for 3-4 people, and at least 8kg for 4 or more.
  • Check the spin speed. Machines with a spin speed of 1000rpm or higher remove more water, cutting down on drying time.
  • Different settings give you options. Get the choice of cold wash cycles, auto-sensing or load size selection – so you only use the water and energy you need.
  • Use the benefits of an efficient hot water system. If you have a wetback, solar water heater or heat pump water heater, chose a model with a hot and cold water connections.

Doing a hot wash in a washing machine with 5 stars on the Energy Rating Label generates 61% less emissions than a similar washing machine with only 2 stars.

Get more for less

Reduce the amount of energy your washing machine uses:

  • Wash with cold A warm wash every five loads, or a hot wash every 10 loads, will remove any dirt and detergent build-up.
  • Wash full loads. Wait until the machine is full rather than doing several smaller loads.
  • Adjust the water level. Choose the right setting to suit your load size, or use the auto-sensing feature.
  • Wash similar items together. Throw all your lightly soiled clothes in a cold wash together, and give dirty clothes a separate warm or hot wash.

Your checklist for smarter shopping

By making clever appliance purchases, you can lower your cost of living while reducing your household emissions (and new appliances look pretty good too) – it's a win-win-win!

Before you walk into the shop, it pays to consider costs beyond the price tag. We’ve crunched the numbers and developed a checklist for you – to help you buy smarter.