Everyday ventilation checklist

Ventilation works with heating and insulation to make a warmer, drier and healthier home. 

  • Open doors and windows. Give it 10-15 minutes each day – morning is the best time.
  • Leave a bedroom window open at night. This helps to remove moisture and discourage mould – just a finger’s width is enough in winter. Use a security latch for peace of mind.
  • Air out when you turn off the heater. Releasing the heat before you leave the room helps to avoid condensation.
  • Use extractor fans and rangehoods. Make sure they’re big enough to do the job, regularly cleaned and send air to the outside, not your ceiling space.

More about reducing dampness

A home ventilation system is an alternative to opening doors and windows

If damp is your main worry, find and fix the source before investing in a home ventilation system. For warmth, invest in insulation and effective heating first.

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